wife, mom, introvert, city-dweller, lifelong Minnesotan, bleeding heart, Gen X-er, homeowner, part-time group home staff, cat lover, church-goer, minimalist wannabe, music lover, failed gardener, college graduate, podcast listener, volunteer, homemaker, perfectionist, local music supporter, public radio member, crafter, baker, Epi-pen carrier, occasional blood donor, coffee drinker, obliger, German/Swede,  unofficial La Croix spokesperson, self-help junkie, cilantro consumer, book hoarder, Amazon Prime addict,  kombucha brewer, thrift store shopper, libary patron, time waster, Whole30 enthusiast, bargain hunter, recovering sugar addict, Dyson vacuum aficionado, dance partier, alto, procrastinator, journal keeper, Ragweed allergy sufferer

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