Reunited and it Feels So Good

I can’t figure out if I ever saw Roma di Luna back before they broke up.  I remember knowing that they were the opening band that played for the Walker Art Center’s Music and Movies in Loring Park one time, and I know that I went to many of those shows, but I don’t remember specifically if I was at the one they played at.  Anyway, I regretted not paying more attention to them while they were around, even more so since the members have branched out into other really successful projects.  I bought my tickets immediately, figuring they’d sell out (they did).  Then I heard that Prairie Fire Lady Choir was performing too, so I’d be seeing a friend there.  Then that friend texted me the week of the show: “I can neither confirm or deny that The Pines will be opening.”  I could not have been more excited to go.


First to perform was TiWakan, a spoken word duo.  I didn’t know of them before, but as soon as this Dakota poet opened his mouth I sat up straighter to listen.  His voice is that kind of gravel-y, yet booming bass, that seems to come from way down in the bottom of his ribcage.  He recited poems set to drums and a funky bass line, in perfect harmony.  When he was done, I was just thinking “Wow.  What was that?”  Here’s a video I found of him if you want to check him out.


The Pines were wonderful, and made me regret the time I saw them perform under a little canopy at a friend’s birthday party and not pay too much attention because I hadn’t heard of them before.


Roma di Luna’s performance felt so, so tight and flawless, which was awesome because they haven’t been playing together for years.  It’s evident that throughout their separation they never lost the connection that makes their collaboration so special.  At the time I’m writing this, they have more shows booked and I’m hopeful that I’ll see them again soon.



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