Monday, You’re Not So Bad

I’m such a fan of Jeremy Messersmith.  He wrote a new album “11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs for Ukelele” and first released the sheet music, for free, for his fans to learn before they could even hear him perform the songs.  When I downloaded my own copy and shared it with my kids, we were delighted to find titles like “Everybody Gets A Kitten,” and “We All Do Better When We All Do Better.”

He announced a micro tour this spring of 15-minute free concerts in public parks all over the U.S. beginning with a 10:35am show at Powderhorn Park on a Monday morning.  It turns out that that’s actually a perfect time for me to go to a show with a friend, while the kids were at school.


The turn-out was impressive, many people bringing children, dogs, and their own instruments to play along.  When Messersmith hit the chorus of “Everybody Gets a Kitten,” I think even he was surprised at the sudden mass of voices that joined in harmony with him.  I looked around and appreciated it as one of those “only in Minneapolis” moments.  Yes, here it’s not uncommon for people to stand around in parks on Monday mornings with ukuleles, singing about kittens and snowflakes.  So?


After he got through his 11 songs, children approached him for autographs and pictures.


He even posed with some of the big kids as well, before driving off to another one of his many shows that day.  I have to say, I could use Mondays like this one more often.


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