Call Me a Relic, Call Me What You Will

I’m too young to have been a fan of Husker Du, but I was exposed to Bob Mould’s band Sugar in the mid-90’s and really liked what I heard.  I finally got to see him perform live a few years ago at the MN State Fair as part of The Current’s “Music on a Stick” show.  I had been near the stage for the first few bands, but by the time Mould came on, I was having a sun/heat/hunger/thirst/tired feet attack and had to go sit in the mezzanine with the other pooped-out people, probably with some kind of fried thing to munch on.

My second chance to see Mould was recently when he played a solo show three consecutive nights at the Turf Club.  The crowd there was exactly what I expected,  white guys in their 50s, drinking beer, not particularly fashionable, people who knew who he was around the time I was in kindergarten.  Sometimes I like going to shows to see the fans because the music and the artist dictate how people dress or act.  This was just average dudes, happy to hear some rock music, and it made me feel kind of special to be younger and female.


Bob Mould’s guitar playing is incredible and loud, and he has a voice that goes with it.  It’s kind of like listening to a toddler who hasn’t yet learned modulation, if that toddler also had a lot of sophistication and musicality.  About three songs in, Mould was so sweaty his glasses completely fogged up and it was like watching an old cartoon where the bumbling professor derps around in white-out spectacles.  I knew a good chunk of the songs he played and still enjoyed the ones I didn’t.  It was a fantastic night.


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